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Language Studies

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Small Class Language Courses

Program Length:     One Semester Minimum

Registration:     March/September

Application Deadline:   Janurary/ July

Tuition:  12,500 RMB/Year

               6,250 RMB/ Semester

               35 RMB/ Teaching Hour


Special Programs

Program Length: Minimum 8 Teaching hours per Week

Registration: Flexible

Application Deadline:   None


1 On 1 Courses: 90 RMB/Teaching hour or 105 RMB/Teaching hour during breaks

1 On 2 Courses: 80 RMB/Teaching hour or 95 RMB/Teaching hour during breaks

1 On 3 to 1 On 5 Courses: 70 RMB/ Teaching hour or 85 RMB/Teaching hour during breaks


Application requirement

1. Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens and be in good health. Applicants shall abide by the laws of China and the regulations of Yunnan Normal University.

2. Applicants for Small Class Language Courses must be under the age of 60


Application Documents

1. Admission form for International Students of Yunnan Normal University (online).

2. One photocopy of your passport photo page.

3. The original diploma, qualifications and academic transcript of the highest education with photocopies. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

4. If there are any HSK certificates, please provide the originals and photocopies of the certificates.

5. Four passport photo-sized pictures.

6. If the applicants intend to transfer to YNNU from other universities in China, school transfer certificate with official seal and photocopies of your visa or resident permit must be provided.

7. Applicants who are currently working in China must provide a letter of resignation offered by the employer.


Application Procedures

1. Apply online: Visit for online registration or download the application form.

2. Email confirmation: please email for application confirmation.

3. Application assessment: The International Admission Office will assess and evaluate all the submitted documents from the applicants.

4. Confirmation of admission decisions: Once the application has been successful, the admission office will inform the applicant through emails and our staff will initiate the preparation for JW 202 form and Admission Letter for the successful applicants.

5. Mailing visa application documents: Once the JW 202 form and Admission Letter is complete, the Admission Office will post the above documents to the students.

6. Visa application: Applicants can start to apply for X or F visa after receiving both the JW 202 form and the Admission letter. Some other proof documents may also be required by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your country.

7. Arrival: Students arrive at YNNU according to the date of enrollment on the Admission letter. New students can provide flight information in advance to receive pick up service.