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Master's Degree Program

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DurationTwo to three years

Starting FromSeptember each year

Application Starting from: 1st March to 10th June each year

Registration feeCNY ¥250

TuitionArts: CNY ¥17,000/ academic year; Science: CNY ¥18,500/ academic year

MajorFive majors include TCSOL and Regional Economics, independent classes for international students and duration is two years. For other majors listed in the major directory, foreign students and Chinese students are mixed into classes and duration is three years.

Taught inChinese


1. Non-Chinese nationals holding a valid passport

2. Good physical and mental health

3. High school graduate or equivalent

4. HSK level 5

5. 18 -35 years old

6. Sufficient financial security

Application materials

1.          "Application Form for International Students at Yunnan Normal University" (fill in the form online at;

2.          Photocopy of the passport photo page;

3.          Bachelor’s degree diploma and certificate, transcript (non-Chinese and English materials require a notarized Chinese or English translation), a research plan, Letter of recommendation (in Chinese or English) from two associate professors or above;

4.          Photocopy of HSK Level 5 result or above;

5.          Medical Examination Record for Foreigners;

6.          Other awards or certificates;

7.          Graduating students can submit a certificate of study issued by their current school;

8.          Proof of financial ability;

9.          Applicants who current study at a registered school in China apply for YNNU should also provide:

1)          The letter of transfer consent and transcript of the current institution stamped with the official seal;

2)          Photocopy of visa or residence permit in China;

10.      For current teachers or employees in China, you must provide the letter of expected termination of the employment contract from the employer;

Application Process

1.           Apply online

Applicants please visit the International Student Registration Website of YNNU at to apply online, submit clear electronic materials, and send an email to to confirm after successful submission.

2.          Review of admission materials

YNNU reviews all the materials of the applicant and conducts interviews if necessary; for those who have passed the qualification review, the school will prepare and post admission documents including "Admission Notice", "Application Form for Visa for Foreign Students to China" (JW202 Form) " and "Admission Guide" to the students.

If your application is not approved, we will reject your application on the International Student Registration Website of YNNU.

3.          Apply for a visa to China

Successful applicants are required to bring an ordinary passport, "Admission Notice", "Application Form for Visa for Foreign Students to China" (JW202 Form)", " Medical Examination Record for Foreigners" and other relevant materials to the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) in their country to apply for a study visa (X1 or X2).

4.          Register at YNNU on time

Successful applicants should bring the "Admission Notice" and "Application Form for Visa for Foreign Students to China (JW202 Form) " to report to YNNU within the registration date. If there are special reasons for not reporting on time, please inform us with a written explanation and indicate the reason. Those who fail to register exceeding more than two weeks without a reason will be disqualified.

Contact Information

1. Tele+86-871-65941260  (Chenggong Main Campus)

+86-871-65516251 One Two One National Southwest Associated University Campus  

2. Email:


Majors list:

Folklore Studies





Agriculture   Electrification and Automation

Agri-biological   Environment and Energy Engineering

Agriculture Water-   Soil Engineering

Computer Software   and Theory

Computer System   Structure

Cartography and   Geographic Information Engineering

Public   Administration

Business   Administration


Applied Psychology

Basic Psychological   Studies

Traditional Chinese   Sports

Physical Education   and Sports Coaching

Human Kinesiology   and Science

Humane and   Sociological Science of Sports

Studies of Higher   Education

Studies of   Pre-school Education

Studies of   Comparative Education

History of   Education

Principles of   Education

International Trade

Industrial   Economics

Monetary Finance

Public Finance

Regional Economics

Radio Physics


Condensed Matter   Physics

Astrometry and   Celestial Mechanics


Operational   Research and Cybernetics

Applied Mathematics

Probability Theory   and Mathematical Statistics

Fundamental   Mathematics

Biochemistry and   Molecule Biology

Cell Biology

Developmental   Biology




Macromolecule   Chemistry and Physics

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Analytical   Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Cartology and   Geography Information System

Human Geography

Physical Geography

World History

Chinese Modern   & Contemporary History

Ancient Chinese   History

Specialized History   Studies

Historical Theory   & Historiography

Comparative   Literature & World Literature

Chinese Ethnic   Language

Chinese Modern   & Contemporary Literature

Chinese Ancient   Literature

Study of Chinese   Classical Text

Chinese Philology

Linguistics &   Applied Linguistics

Theory of   Literature and Art

Broadcasting &   TV Art


Foreign Linguistics   & Applied Linguistics

Japanese Language   & Literature

English Language   & Literature

Philosophy of   Science & Techonology

Religion Studies


Foreign Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy

Marxist Philosophy

Agricultural   Engineering

Optical and   Electronical Engineering

Accordion   Performance

Art of Vocal Acting


Psychology of   Development and Education

Teaching Chinese as   a Foreign Language

Law (Law Majored)

Public Management

Optical Engineering

Computer Technology

Computer &   Application Technology

Basic Principles of   Marxism


Agricultural   Engineering

Social Sports   Instruction


Physical Education

Drama and film   Studies

Art and Design

Music and Dance

English Translation

English   Interpretation

Sports Training

Chinese History