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I.         Talent Training Models, Majors and Subjects and Graduation Requirements for Undergraduate Students:

1.         “2+2” Model

There are three pathways for “2+2” Chinese Language major: Chinese language, Business and Economics and Secretary. This major adopts “2+2” Model, meaning the 1st and 2nd academic years concentrate on fundamental teaching. In the 3rd and 4th academic year, students choose their pathways and focus on studying major core courses, specialized courses and elective major courses.


2.         “1+3” Model

“1+3” Model is adopted by majors including Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Tourism Management and Service. All the majors can be divided into 1 year of Chinese language study and 3 years of specialized courses study. Meanwhile, there are Chinese language courses that will aid your study in your specialized field and elective courses to improve your professionalism. Any overseas student who has successfully passed HSK level 4 before entering the second year of study can apply for the above four major.


3.        Graduation Requirements

In the second semester of year 4 for undergraduate students, if you meet the following three requirements, you can apply for your diploma and graduation certificate. If not, you can apply only for graduation certificate. The requirements are as follows:

1)        Having obtained all credits required by the teaching programme.

2)        Having successfully passed HSK Level 6 or the New HSK Level 5.

3)        Having succeeded in defending his or her thesis.


II.      Programme Levels and Courses for Non-degree Students

The school divided students into beginner’s level, elementary level, intermediate level, and advanced level classes by the results of the placement tests on one’s Chinese proficiency. Courses include Comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese, Reading and Listening. Moreover, to meet the students’ demand, Chinese cultural courses are arranged regularly.